What Are Trailer Overrun Brakes and Why Do You Need Them?

Trailer Runaway Brakes: What They Are and How They Work

If you’re towing a bromsback släpvagn trailer, then it’s important that you have trailer overrun brakes. Trailer overrun brakes are a type of brake system that helps keep your trailer from running away from you. If your trailer starts to go too fast, the brake system will activate and slow it down. This prevents the trailer from running into the back of your vehicle or causing an accident.

Trailer overrun brakes are a set of brakes that are connected to the trailer axle. The brakes activate when the trailer starts to move faster than the vehicle it is being towed by. This happens when the trailer starts to go downhill or if it is pushed from behind by another object such as wind gusts or other vehicles. When this occurs, the brake system will automatically apply force and slow down the trailer until it is back at a safe speed.

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The most common type of trailer overrun brakes are electric drum brakes which require power from either an auxiliary battery or your vehicle’s electrical system. These types of brakes offer more control over how much braking force is applied and can also provide additional safety features such as anti-lock braking.

It is important to have trailer overrun brakes because they provide improved control and safety when towing a trailer. Without them, it would be more difficult to slow down the trailer in an emergency situation or if the vehicle being towed becomes disconnected from the tow vehicle. Also, if you don’t have trailer overrun brakes, your brakes may wear out more quickly due to having to constantly apply brake pressure while navigating downhill roads.

In conclusion, trailer overrun brakes are a must-have for anyone who regularly tows trailers with their vehicle. They provide improved safety, better control of the speed of the trailer and can even extend the life of your vehicle’s braking system by reducing wear and tear. Make sure you research what type of trailer overrun brake system is best for your vehicle and trailer before towing.