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The Plant That Lives The Longest

A plant that grows tall and can live very long is a tree. You can see all the details about this plant on Tree.

This plant consists of a root that is in the ground, a stem that is attached to the root that allows it to stand firmly in the ground, and there are branches on the stem. The root also allows the tree to be nourished, by extracting water and nutrients from the soil, so that the tree can survive.

The tree can be deciduous and evergreen. A deciduous tree, when fall comes and winter sets in, sheds its leaves, which will grow again in the spring. An evergreen tree keeps its leaves throughout the year and constantly renews them.


In addition to leaves, there can be flowers on the branches of the tree, and on some even fruits.

The tree grows both in height and in width. As the tree grows taller, it slowly expands, as does the root system. Only in this way can the tree survive.

The tree is known as the biggest producer of oxygen, so a lot of trees are needed in nature. We must try not to cut down the forests and to constantly renew them.

The life of a tree is different from species to species. Generally, each tree can live for many years, and some can live for centuries, and some even for millennia.

You can also contribute to nature conservation by planting and caring for your own trees. It will not only beautify your yard and garden, but you will also have much better quality air around your house. It will protect you from strong sun, rain and wind. Also, it will stop the dust and of course you will get oxygen from it.

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